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A Perrysburg Christmas Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

A perrysburg christmas kitchen cabinet refinishing

So, there we were. Halfway through the last project for the year. We were really looking forward to some time off Christmas week and New Year's week. But then...

In comes a call from a client. Turns out their client just bought a house, and wanted to have the kitchen redone as a surprise. But we needed to be completely finished NO LATER than Christmas Eve morning. Could we please fit it in?

Yes, yes we could! It took some odd hours, and ultimately the whole family pitched in! By Christmas Eve morning, we arrived in Perrysburg and started installing the doors. Then, we found out the MOST AMAZING thing!

The WHOLE HOUSE was a Christmas present for the family's Mom! She had been living in an apartment, and needed a little more space. So, the daughter and her husband, bought her a house and had it remodeled. And on Christmas Eve day, around 1:00, she walked into her new home for the first time. How awesome is that?

Renaissance Cabinet Refinishing is very happy to have been a small part of such a wonderful Christmas gift.

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