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Inside A Toledo Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing & Painting Project

Kitchen cabinet painting

Kitchen cabinet refinishing & painting can address issues with natural light, save you big money versus the cost of cabinet replacement, and help your Toledo kitchen remodeling budget go further - call the cabinet painting pros at Renaissance Cabinet Refinishing today for a free quote!Sometimes your cabinets just need a good scrubbing to brighten up your kitchen and sometimes a little interior painting can do the trick, but if you've tried those options and your Toledo kitchen is still too dark, kitchen cabinet refinishing and painting can make all the difference.

A recent kitchen cabinet refinishing & painting project we completed in Toledo took us less than a week from start to finish and cost perhaps a third of what my clients would have paid for cabinet replacement. They would have had to rip out the existing cabinets, countertop, and backsplash - all of which were in good condition - and replace them with all new installations. We're talking tens of thousands to redo and several weeks or even months to complete.

We were able to save our clients both time and money and provide them with quality kitchen cabinet refinishing & painting results that exceeded their expectations.

The Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing & Painting Process

When I'm hired to do a cabinet refinishing & painting project, I first remove the doors and drawers from the frames and take those to my workshop. I use a commercial de-greaser to clean and remove all grease and grime to ensure that the paint will bond to the surface.

Two coats of BIN Original premier follow, then a light sanding on the front, back, and four edges of the drawers and doors. I then spray all surfaces with a 2k pigmented polyurethane from Italy which cures extremely hard within 12 hours.

At the job site, I'll begin my prep work by masking off all open boxes and surrounding areas like appliances, countertops, adjacent walls, and floors to prevent overspray. The same process of primer, sanding, and finish coats follows for the cabinet framing, for a total of four coats for every kitchen cabinet refinishing and painting project.

Finally, we reinstall the drawers and doors and leave your cabinets looking brand new! This is the condensed version of our process, and we custom-tailor our kitchen cabinet refinishing & painting services to meet your needs.

A Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing & Painting Professional You Can Trust For Your Toledo Home

At Renaissance Cabinet Refinishing, we consider it a privilege to be welcomed into the heart of your home - your kitchen - and bring your kitchen cabinet refinishing & painting goals to life. A few of the many services we offer include:

  • Cabinet painting
  • Door replacement
  • Kitchen cabinet refinishing
  • Cabinet hardware upgrades
  • Hinge replacement & upgrades
  • Interior painting - walls, ceilings, & trim

Request a free quote for cabinet refinishing, door replacement, and cabinet painting for Toledo and the surrounding areas by calling Renaissance Cabinet Refinishing today at 419-389-2294 or use our easy online form.

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